Looking forward, not back

As archaeologists, we spend much of our time looking back into the past. This project, however, is about looking forward to the future.

As a collective, we were absolutely delighted by the initial response to Inclusive Archaeology as a concept and idea. We are so pleased to welcome our new signatories, and encourage anyone who expressed support to let us know if they would like to take this step. We also greatly appreciated the feedback from individuals who wanted to adapt or augment the guidelines we had outlined: please do continue to get in touch if you have a particular comment.

While a specific set of circumstances pertaining to one 2016 conference sparked the initial idea, Inclusive Archaeology as a manifesto aims to constructively and helpfully support conferences and their organisers, developing a set of standards that we hope will enshrine inclusive principles, and more importantly inclusive practice, in the discipline. We fully understand the complexity of organising and funding modern conferences, however many of the suggested changes do not require large amounts of extra money or time, but simply changing the way organisers think from the outset about how they can ensure as many people as possible can attend, and benefit from, the event they are holding.

Please do continue to share the guidelines widely, and in particular, bring them to the attention of conference organisers well in advance of their planned events. The project team will comment on new conference formats and organisational strategies here, in a spirit of collaboration and discussion. We look forward to seeing the guidelines in practice in an increasing number of diverse conference settings.